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FAQ's - Bet Angel General

Frequently asked questions on Bet Angel and related topics.

  • What betting exchanges can Bet Angel work on?

    Bet Angel works with the Betfair and Betdaq betting exchanges. There are currently no other exchanges that Bet Angle is compatible with. You can download the BetDaq version from: - https://www.betange...

  • Can I install Bet Angel on a Chromebook

    No, Bet Angel can only be installed on a Windows operating system and requires it to be Windows 7 or above. Unless you use a VPS running Windows, then you can install Bet Angel directly on to the VPS ...

  • I can't log into my VPS

    This could be related to an update Microsoft has done, you can read about it here: -

  • Reset the password on my VPS

    The operating system on your VPS may prompt you now and again to reset your password. This is a standard, 'good practice', measure to ensure your VPS is as secure as possible. There is no obligation t...