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  1. FAQ's - Bet Angel General

    1. Is there a manual or user guide available?
    2. Where can I download Bet Angel?
    3. How do I sent a ticket to / contact support?
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  2. FAQ's - Payment, licences, installing software etc.

    1. How do I register and set up the software
    2. I want to install & use Bet Angel on a new or 2nd computer
    3. Two step authentication on Betfair
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  3. FAQ - Other

    1. What are the difference's between Bet Angel Trader and Bet Angel Professional
    2. I haven't received a reply to my email?
    3. Practice mode - account suspended - Commercial usage profile
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  4. FAQ - Bet Angel Professional

    1. How do I update to the latest version of Bet Angel Professional
    2. Using Bet Angel with and Accounts
    3. Store Separate Logs and Automation Reports for a 2nd Instance of Bet Angel
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  5. FAQ - VPS (Virtual Private Server)

    1. What is the difference between a VPS & a VPN?
    2. Do you offer a VPS service
    3. How do I secure my DNS resolver against amplification attacks?
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  6. FAQ's - Using Bet Angel's Features

    1. I don't understand the difference between cash out and green up or hedge up
    2. I only want to offset bet after my opening bet is filled (matched)
    3. Bets Not Getting Placed or Showing on the Ladder
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  7. FAQ - Bet Angel (Betdaq)

    1. Where do I buy a subscription to use Bet Angel for Betdaq?
    2. Keep unmatched bets in Betdaq
    3. Betdaq have blacklisted my account
  8. FAQ - Bet Angel Advanced Automation & Servants

    1. Is there any ready made bots I can download
    2. How do I find / backup my automation files?
    3. Can I apply more than one rule to a market?
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