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How can I place a Stop Loss in case a trade moves against me?

There are two methods of using a stop loss with your bets.

  1. Using a temporary quick set stop loss on an open position via a right mouse click
  2. Using an automatically applied stop loss on an unmatched offset bet via Global Settings

Temporary Stop Loss

This is set via the ladder interface and is applied by clicking the right mouse button on the price you wish to make a stop active. This stop loss method is designed for use on markets that are being actively traded.

The closure bet is triggered when the price reaches your stop loss price. The size of the closure bet needs to be constantly adjusted based upon the net difference between back and lay bets matched on that selection. i.e. As you continue betting on the selection, the required stake to close will change.

There is a video which shows you all the information you need Right Click Stop Loss

This stop loss is cleared when changing to another market or screen within Bet Angel. It is not managed by Guardian

Stop loss on Unmatched Bet

This can be applied using the global settings in the top left of the screen. For example, when using 'Offset bet with stop'. You also have the choice of a regular stopl loss or a trailing stop loss.

In both instances the unmatched bet is closed when the price reaches the stop loss price. Use the 'place at (ticks)' setting to control how the stop loss is applied if the market begins to move against you. Because the stake will not be adjusted then Bet Angel does not need to constantly monitor & adjust the stake size.

Guardian can be used to manage this type of stop loss. However, be aware that if the market moves past your stop setting whilst Guardian is cycling through other events then the stop may not fire.

NOTE: If the market is volatile - such as with an in-running market - it is likely the price will leap any stop loss trigger you have set and not fire. Be aware of the risks when trying to use stop loss in-play.

For some examples on using stop losses please see this thread in our forum


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