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Application responsiveness numbers are higher than usual

If you are using the 'old' polling method and not yet retrieving market updates via streaming Bet Angel Professional has indicators in the status bar at the bottom of the screen that show how quickly Betfair is responding to requests for data - such as price information and bet information.

If these numbers seem to be higher than usual then check the following:

  • Check that you have no other internet-enabled applications running such as email, instant messenger, file-sharing.
  • Set updating for your Anti-virus and Windows to manual and not automatic.
  • If you have other users on your home network then check that no-one else is using the bandwidth intensively.
  • Check that you have not breeched an upper usage limit with your ISP
  • If you have wireless internet check that no one else is using the connection.
  • If you are running two instances of Bet Angel then this can affect the responsiveness figures.
  • Check that there is not a problem with Betfair -
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