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I can't log in. HELP!!

If you cannot log in, check the following for possible solutions:

  • Ensure your Betfair account has funds. Betfair now prevent API access if your account balance is zero. Visit Betfair and deposit funds.
  • Check with Betfair that your current location is not restricted. Some countries now prevent access to Betfair
  • Check if Betfair is online or offline - See here -
  • Check your firewall in case it is preventing Bet Angel accessing the internet. Try temporarily disabling it and ensuring Bet Angel is on the list of allowed applications
  • Check Windows update. Bet Angel requires the latest service packs from Microsoft to be installed
  • Check you are not behind a proxy server (at work for example)
  • Ensure you have the latest version of Bet Angel installed -
  • Check the time, date and location settings are correct on your computer. Betfair will reject a connection if these are too far out
  • Check your account is active at Betfair
  • Your ISP is preventing access to gambling sites due to age restrictions. Check with your ISP
  • Ensure your password has been entered correctly - remember it is case sensitive
  • Invalid characters in password. Do not use any of the following characters - "&%+=';£<>" or any language specific characters such as Chinese or Japanese script style characters in your password

Remember Bet Angel logs into Betfair. It makes a small check with us when logging in initially to check if your account is still active but after that all data is communicated directly between your computer and the Betfair servers. We do not intercept, record or have a record of any betting activity that you carry out using Bet Angel.

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  1. Marius Berchevici

    Buna ziua, te rog ajuta. Nu mai pot conecta programul înger pariu cu betfair de ce? Ce se întâmplă?


    can not log in


    can not log in