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Error - Bet Angel Authentication successful, however unable to connect to Betfair using the supplied user name and password

If you see the message above then this could be happening for several reasons. Check each of the following:

  1. Your account balance is zero. Betfair will refuse an account with zero balance. Deposit funds at
  2. Your firewall is preventing Bet Angel or Soccer Mystic access to the internet. Check your firewall settings or temporarily disable to see if this works.
  3. You are behind a proxy server. Check your proxy settings if this is the case.
  4. You are in a location that has restricted access to Betfair. Check that you can log into Betfair using
  5. Your account details are case sensitive. Check the spelling and case.
  6. Your account has been suspended. Check with Betfair.
  7. You are using an old version of Bet Angel or Soccer Mystic. Uninstall the software and download the latest version via the website.
  8. Your ISP is preventing access to gambling sites due to age restrictions. Check with your ISP.
  9. You have parental control software (NetNanny etc) installed preventing access to gambling sites. Check settings.
  10. Your time and date settings are incorrect. Betfair can refuse a connection if the time on your computer is too far out.
  11. Your ISP is undergoing maintenance work. This is rare but has been known to temporarily affect connections.
  12. Invalid characters in password. Do not use any of the following characters - "&%+=';£<>" or any language specific characters such as Chinese or Japanese script style characters in your password.
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