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When I am using the software I see bets at 1.01 or 1000

When trying to use dutching, bookmaking or greening up it is possible you may see bets at 1.01 or 1000.
The reason you are seeing these odd bets is because the software is placing bets for below the minimum amount usually allowed by Betfair. In order to do this it has to place a bet well out of the money and then adjust the bet back to a smaller amount. It then cancels these odd bets so they don't remain in the market. It is not our intention to attempt to get these bets matched they are just a way of achieving small bet amounts. They are most likely to appear when you are using the greening option.
Note: During in-play events each step described above is subject to the in-play delay introduced by Betfair. This can add up to 30 seconds to the bet placement process on some events compared to just the single delay with bets placed at the minimum amount or above.
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