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Trade profit column shows 'n/a'. Greening after dutching or bookmaking.

Settings Editor - Green Up Tab

If you see the text 'n/a' in the trade profit column when trying to green-up the market, it is because Bet Angel has detected that you have used either the dutching or the bookmaking feature in the market.  This is a protection against the placement of potentially large bets required to close all open positions created while dutching or bookmaking.

However, if you intend to use dutching (or bookmaking) to back (or lay) just a small part of the market, then the Green Up functionality may still be appropriate.  You can switch off the restriction by unticking the checkbox shown in the image below which can be found on the Green up tab of the Bet Angel main Settings window.

Remember, Dutching (and bookmaking) are often used to realise a profit by taking advantage of a book under-round (or over-round) in your favour.  In such situations, every selection in the market could have been backed (or laid) multiple times creating large open positions on every selection.  You are not realising a profit by closing a trade, you are realising a profit by completing an incomplete book. i.e. If you’re dutching a six runner field and get four of the six back bets matched, the correct way to complete the book is to adjust the price of the back bets on the other runners so that they are also matched. Greening works by closing any open positions that you have in the market and then spreading any profit or loss across all the other selections. The greening routine would see the four matched back bets as four open trades and so place four lay bets to close the positions and green-up. This is not what you intended, you wanted to place six back bets to dutch the book, not place four back & lay trades. Using the manual green-up feature of the Manual betting screen to control how open liabilities are closed and the profit is spread is a much more efficient way to manage an incomplete book.

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