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Store Separate Logs and Automation Reports for a 2nd Instance of Bet Angel

If you are running a 2nd instance of Bet Angel and wish to see a separate report log for each instance (perhaps if testing a different strategy at the same time) you will need to create a second folder to store the reports to as detailed below.

Duplicate the Bet Angel folder in; 

'C:\Program Files (x86)\Bet Angel Limited\Bet Angel - Professional' 

To make a second copy of the application and then edit the file BetAngel.exe.config in that folder.....  you'll see a line   <add key="ConfigName" value="Bet Angel Professional"/> 

Change that to something like  <add key="ConfigName" value="Bet Angel Professional 2"/>  

Now you'll have a completely separate work area as if the two instances were running on different PCs.

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