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I only want to risk a certain amount when placing a lay bet

Whenever backing a selection, you always know how much your risking by the size of the stake being used, however when laying your potential liability is usually much higher than the amount you are trying to win (stake your laying with).

There are several staking options to choose from when placing a bet and by choosing the option  ‘Lay to a Liability’ it allows you to set in advance the liability (amount you want to risk) on a lay bet. Bet Angel then calculates the lay stakes required depending on the odds you place your bet at.

For example if you were to select 'Lay to a Liability' and set your lay stake at £25 then placed your bet at 2.52 a stake of £16.45 would be used.

If you placed you bet at 17.5 then a stake of just £1.52

If you use this on the one-click screen then as the odds change you will notice your lay stake will be consistantly changing in the lay stake column as Bet Angel recalulates and updates it each time the price changes ensuring you never lose anymore than the amount you set.

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