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How to Green Up, Hedge Up, Cash Out or Close Trade

The terminology here can sometimes be confusing but essentially there are only two options

Green up, Hedge up and Cash out (as its called on Betfair) all mean the same thing and is where you spread your profit or loss equally across all the selections on that market.

For example if you backed @ 4.7 for £100

then layed @ 4.1 for £114.63 you will now have £14.63 profit no matter which selection wins

With 'Greening' enabled this calculation is done for you by Bet Angel when clicking on the Green-up figure just as the Cash out amount is calculated by Betfair when you click their Cash out button.

See the following pages of our user guide on enabling and greening up on the ladder and one-click screens

Close trade - is when you put in an opposing bet equal to the amount of your opening bet, doing this will leave all the profit or loss on just that one selection

For example if you backed @ 4.7 for £100

then layed @ 4.1 for £100

you will of closed the trade and have £60 profit on that selection if it goes on to win and zero profit or loss on all the other selections.

To see some examples on Greening up please see this thread from our forum

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