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Can I have a second / another trial?

All trials are handled automatically by our servers so there needs to be at least 13 months before you will be allowed another trial the same product.

Trying other Bet Angel products

If you have only tried Bet Angel Professional you can still download a trial of Bet Angel Trader or vice versa using from the links below: -

Bet Angel for Betdaq

You may wish to try Bet Angel for Betdaq, it is similar to Bet Angel Professional but is available for free: -

Low cost use of Bet Angel

If you’re not eligible for a free trial our subscriptions start from 99p for daily access of Bet Angel professional and £6 per month for Bet Angel Trader with various periods up to annually for each up to annually so you can purchase a short subscription to continue to evaluate the product further before committing to a longer term one.

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