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Customise Bet Angel's Search Presets

You can customise the way Bet Angel searches for markets. We have had some requests for a way to fast add Each Way markets in Horse Racing. Betfair only recently added each way markets to UK Horse racing, not to be confused with the standard Place markets. At the moment liquidity is poor but hopefully they will become more popular as time progresses and more people take an interest.

There is currently no way to use "Quick Picks" via Guardian but you can make a modification to Bet Angel's search function. Once done you can add the each markets in not time at all. It's much quicker than adding them individually.

Please note part of this process requires you to have Administrator privileges on your PC. If you do not have them or feel you do not have the knowledge to change them we would advise you either leave this alone or ask someone with the necessary skills to do it.

You will need to navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Bet Angel Limited\Bet Angel - Professional using file explorer. Then scroll down to locate the file searchList.cfg

Search file



Right click on searchList.cfg and select Properties. When the dialogue box opens, click on the security tab.


You need to select your user which is highlighted above. You should notice only two ticks for permissions which are circled in red, if you already have full control then scroll down to the steps below to perform the change to this search file. If you have just the two ticks as shown in the screen shot click on Edit to change permissions.

A new box will open and you must select your User account again as shown below.

edit permissions

You then put a check mark in Allow Full Control. This will populate the other necessary boxes - apart from Special Permissions at the bottom which will stay unchecked. Click OK and the boxes will close taking you back to the first screenshot. If you get an error saying "Access Denied" then the system has not altered so repeat the steps to ensure you have not missed anything.


You can now double click the searchList.cfg file and it should open in Notepad. If it doesn't then right click and select "Open with..." Then select Notepad.


When it opens you will see the list as below. There is no entry for the each way markets so you need to add it.

Notepad original

Click at the bottom of the list and type Horse Racing AND Each Way

Notepad modified

Close notepad by clicking on the cross in the top corner. A dialogue box will appear asking to save changes? Click Yes.

Open Bet Angel and go to Guardian. In the search box type Horse Racing and Each Way.

The each way markets will be listed. If you right click on Horse Racing and then select all (see screenshot) it will highlight all the markets. You can then click on Add and they will all be loaded into Guardian for you.

Final result



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