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Upgrade or installation issues

If you have an older version of Bet Angel installed or if you are simply upgrading to a new release, there is occasionally an issue where the upgrade crashes or does nothing i.e. spinning circle, mouse cursor and then nothing. This can be a corrupt installation or registry error and the best solution is to remove the old version first.


  1. Ensure no instance of Bet Angel is running
  2. Open Control Panel and select the uninstall option (Programs and features in some OS)
  3. Remove Bet Angel using the prompts
  4. Reboot your PC
  5. Locate the new version and install it

This will solve most issues. If not then please create a support ticket so we can investigate for you.

* Please be aware any custome icons or shortcuts will require removing as they will produce an error when you try to use them with a newer version

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  1. Robert Sloan

    I'm looking for the upgrade to V 1.50.1

    Advice on how to deal with an error message when upgrading is all very well  EXCEPT I still can't find my way to any link that might return that error message!!!