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PC or VPS Time not accurate

By default your computer is set to sychronise it's internal clock once per week via the internet. However, most computer clocks are not designed to be super-accurate and it may be that your own computer or VPS may need to sychronise more often than this. Especially if you notice a significant time drift each day.

The solution is to perform more regular time synchronisations.

You can change this to once per day or even per hour if you wish by clicking on:

- Start
- Administrative Tools
- Task sheduler

Under the Task Scheduler library you will see Microsoft. Click on this then click on Windows.

Select 'Time synchronization'

Double click on the entry that appears in the right hand window then click on the 'Triggers' tab. You can edit the schedule here to a setting of your choosing.

Choose files or drag and drop files
  1. Bet Angel - Technical Support

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