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Installation Problems

Occasionally, some computers may stubbornly refuse to install applications. This may be due to the age of your computer, corrupted files, a failing hard disk or the need for some basic housekeeping.
If you are experiencing installation problems try the following:
  • Check the control panel ‘Programs and Features’ utility to see if there is already Bet Angel installed. If so, click on it and uninstall it.
  • Clear all traces of Bet Angel from your computer in the Program Files directory and here - C:\Users\{YOUR WINDOWS USERNAME}\AppData\Roaming\Bet Angel
  • You may have to choose to show hidden files. See here for directions -
  • Clear all temporary files from your browser (Press Ctrl+Shift+Del). Uninstall any unwanted applications from your computer.
  • Perform a disk error check and defragment the disk (right click on the drive letter and choose Properties, Tools, Error Checking then Defragmentation.
  • IMPORTANT - Check Windows update for any required software updates for your computer.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Download a fresh copy of Bet Angel from here –
  • Install as usual.


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