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What is the minimum bet allowed

Betfair has a minimum £2 stake (or equivelent in your currency) when placing bets via there website, however on Bet Angel you can submit bets below this value

It does this by placing your bet in two parts, by first placing a back bet at odds of 1000 (hoepefully it wont get matched at this stage) it then takes away the excess amount and move the remaining amount down to the requested odd

For example if you wish to bet or green up at 7.8 for £1.20 the following will happen when you submit the bet

  1. Place a bet of £2 at 1000. 
  2. 80p is removed and the remain moved down to 7.8

The advantage is you can now use stakes below £2

The disadvantages of this is it will take twice as long for bets below £2 to reach the market, this also includes the in-play delay as your effectively using two transactions to complete the process.

Also on very rare occasions your bet might get matched at 1000 before there was chance you complete step 2 above

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