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Two step authentication on Betfair

Bet Angel is compatible with two step authentication from version 1.34.1 If you are on an earlier version of the software this security process will not work.

If you are using version 1.34.1 or later, simply add your unique two step authentication code to your password when you log in using Bet Angel. Type in your normal password then append the two step code onto that password.

What is two step authentication?

Two step authentication is a more secure way of accessing your account and making it more secure. When you log in you will need to enter or append a security code as well as your normal log in details. The second access code will change every 30 seconds and is only available on trusted devices. This means it will be impossible to log into your account with both sets of information.

To learn more about two step authentication visit Betfair's tutorial videos: -

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