How do I register and set up the software
Posted by Bet Angel - Technical Support on 23 May 2013 10:55 AM

How to register your software

If you have a serial number, follow the following instructions detailed below this text. If you have completed a Pay Pal subscription you will not automatically receive a serial number. In this case you need to go through the manual registration procedure.


Manual registration procedure

Please contact support immediately with your Betfair username so we can 'switch on' your account. We will do this as quickly as possible and are in attendance during most key times and during normal UK office hours but occasionally there may be a delay before we can set you up. We may send you a serial number anyway so that you can register yourself. This is the most secure way of registering. Click on this link to contact support and send us your Betfair username and order ID.


Setting up your account with a serial number

If you are a new user of our service, before you can use it, you will need to register with us. You can only use the software once you have registered, if you do not register you will not be able to use the software. You can only register once you have received a serial number from us. If you don't have a serial number, please allow a little time for it to arrive by email. You will already need to have a Betfair account to use Bet Angel.


When you install and use our software you will see the log in screen. In this area you will see a link called 'Register Bet Angel (or Soccer Mystic) using serial number'. Click on this link.



When you click the 'Request account' link the software will ask you for your Betfair username and a serial number. Your serial number will be sent to your automatically by email along with your order confirmation, please some time for both these emails to arrive. If you fail to receive a serial number please use the manual registration process to register your software.


Bet Angel Registration 


Enter your Betfair username. If you do not have a Betfair account then you will need to apply for one by visiting the Betfair web site and follow the ‘Join now’ link.


When you have entered your Betfair username and your serial number, click the request account button. The software will confirm that you are registered and you will be free to use the software immediately. If it detects a problem with your registration it may halt the registration and ask you to contact our support team.


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