Recommended Communications Settings
Posted by Bet Angel - Technical Support on 30 January 2015 03:10 PM

   We are often asked what settings should be used with Bet Angel in order to get the best performance.

There is not really a correct answer to this as the settings need to be tuned for your own individual environment. However, we find the following settings produce generally satisfactory results:

  • Refresh rate - 300 milliseconds
  • Dynamic connection tuner - 6
  • Connection smoothing - medium

Connection smoothing is designed to make the flow of information appear to be more consistent on your screen. There are four settings to choose from here from ‘Off’ to ‘Full’. If you have an internet connection that is slow or if you are a long way from Betfair for example, then this setting can be useful in providing a more stable appearance.

Also, ensure you have no other software running on your machine. Avoid internet security software and just have anti-virus and the Windows firewall active.

Try to avoid a wireless connection as this can suffer from interference from neighbours wireless settings, microwave ovens, Dect telephones and other electronic equipment.

The expected response times inside the UK can be anywhere between 50ms - 200ms. Outside the UK larger response times can be expected.

If the performance of your internet connection changes you may see this affect Bet Angel. If this happens reset to the settings below.

Settings Editor

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