Bets stuck at 1000
Posted by Bet Angel - Technical Support on 17 April 2014 09:18 AM

Sometimes, especially when using the 'dutching' feature, you will see bets being placed at 1000.

Bet Angel does this when the stake amount is less than the minimum amount. This is £2 in the UK but can vary in different countries.

For example, if the stake amount you wish to place is £0.99 then the exchange will not allow you to place a bet of this amount. Bet Angel can get around this by doing the following:

  1. Place a bet of £2 at 1000. The bet is placed at 1000 to prevent it getting matched. If the price is already 1000 then the bet will get matched.
  2. Adjust the stake to £2.99. This causes the exchange to now have two bets - one at £2 and one at £0.99.
  3. Cancel the bet of £2
  4. Adjust the price from 1000 to the actual price required.

Note the total stake required is £2.99 to carry out the above.

If your account balance is less than the minimum amount PLUS the odd amount the process will stall with the £2 being left in the market at 1000.

The solution is to deposit more funds into your account to cover the bets placed.

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